Advantages of Vinyl Fencing: Not Just for Hipsters Anymore

Vinyl Fencing

Whether you are looking for a simple white picket fence or a dramatically-designed privacy fence, vinyl can be what you are looking for.

Vinyl has been used for everything from pipes and chessboards, to clothes and records. If you’re looking for a new fence, it may be time to create some new nostalgic memories of vinyl.  Vinyl fencing is customizable, durable, and a long-term, cost-effective decision for your new fencing. Not convinced? Here’s some evidence to back it up:

Custom for Your Needs

Vinyl fencing is made from plastics, and therefore can be molded into a huge variety of styles and colors. The plastics for vinyl fencing can be tinted any color imaginable, and the molds available for vinyl fencing range from simple wooden textures to complex patterns. Whether you are looking for a simple white picket fence or a dramatically-designed privacy fence, vinyl can be what you are looking for.

Sturdy Fencing Lasts For Years

Plastic has the benefits of being incredibly lightweight, strong, and flexible. Vinyl fencing can withstand the beating that children, pets, and backyard sports can inflict on your new fence, because vinyl can be poured to be five times stronger than most woods of the same weight and size.  Plastics like vinyl are also more weather-resistant than wood, as they will not warp or crack after too much exposure to strong winds, rain, or snow.

Cost-Effective in the Long Term

Vinyl can be an expensive material to build a fence out of, but the costs are all upfront. Vinyl lasts far longer than traditional wood or chain link fences, which means less replacement and repair costs. Many vinyl fences come with warranties on their durability, which can help cover costs in the case of faulty installation. Vinyl also doesn’t require special tools or chemicals to clean and maintain it. If your fence gets dirty, you can use household dish soap and water to clean most stains, or a low-power pressure washer on more stubborn dirt and grime.

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