Free-Standing Decks for Your Maryland Backyard

Wooden Free-Standing Deck

Free-standing decks have the same range of material options as traditional decks, including wood and composite deck boards.

Not all decks are created equal – some are large, some are small, and some are free-standing! Free-standing decks, also known as island decks, are a popular design for above ground pool decks, unusually-shaped back yards, and homes that are poorly suited for deck attachment. If you’re interested in your own island of decking calm, here are some things to consider.

Location, Location, Location

If your home is cantilevered, or has a brick veneer, then a free-standing deck may be an option for a deck up close to your home. Decks against the house are normally attached to the house’s foundation and structure for stability. Instead, free-standing decks rely on sturdy concrete deck piers and cross-bracing to create the same stable platform.

If you have an open-space in your backyard that could benefit from a little direction and purpose, consider adding a free-standing deck. Create a specific space, such as an outdoor kitchen or reading nook, with a stable deck floor and the right furniture selections. Free-standing decks can even be built to incorporate existing landscaping features, like trees or changes in elevation.


Free-standing decks have the same range of material options as traditional decks, including wood and composite deck boards. If you are choosing to create your own island deck, remember to budget for pressure-treated lumber supports and levels. Look for high quality concrete deck piers, and when in doubt, always ask a professional!

Consider using your free-standing deck to make a design statement – a pop of color in the boards, or a unique pattern, will draw the eye to your new deck and give you something to talk about as you enjoy the new addition to your yard.

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