Treated Vs. Untreated Wood for your Next Project


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Which wood is right for your next project?

When you’re selecting the lumber for your next project, you need to think about the type you’re going to use. As always, you should assess exactly what you need out of your lumber so that you can make the best investment possible. Today we’re going to talk about treated and untreated lumber. What makes one better than the other for certain projects? What are the major differences in longevity? We’re going to answer these questions and more. Ready? Here we go!

What’s the major difference?

The major difference between treated and untreated wood is that treated wood is steeped in chemicals. These chemicals add all sorts of protection for the wood, but they come at a cost. The cost is that many chemicals for wood treatment are not necessarily safe for people and pets.

Which is better?

Well, that really depends on how you plan to use your lumber. Treated wood lasts a lot longer and can handle the elements better, so it works well for outdoor structures that aren’t going to come into a lot of contact with people such as a fence or even a roof. Now, it can’t be denied that treated wood is great for a lot of reasons. Some kinds of chemical treatments protect against insects like termites, which can totally ruin a deck or fence. So, if you are worried about the chemicals in treated wood, then you may want to opt for natural wood, but experts often choose chemically treated wood for its durability and longevity.


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