Fall Maintenance for Your Wood Fence

Fall Maintenance for Your Wood Fence

Want to make your wood fence shine? Follow these steps.

When it’s not cold and rainy, the fall is a fantastic time to take care of some yard work. While raking the leaves is a must, taking care of other outdoor structures is also a good idea. Most Maryland homes have a wood fence, and although wood fencing can last a long time on its own, maintenance is often necessary from time to time. Here are several fall maintenance steps to take for your wood fence.

Clean the Fence

The first step is to clean the wood fence. One can do this in various ways, either with or without a pressure washer. In some cases, you only need warm water and a scrub brush to get off the mildew, moss, mold, etc. However, you may find a detergent to be helpful, too. One can mix water with bleach, white vinegar, Borax, or a store-bought solution.

Check the Structure

While you’re washing the fence down, you might notice some issues with its structure as you go. You might notice loose or missing nails, a rotting board or two, a chewed-up post cap, or even sagging. Be sure to address any structural issues before polishing it up.

Sand It Down

Once you have confirmed that the posts, boards, rails, post caps, and gate are as they should be, it’s time to sand down any imperfections in the wood. If you notice weathering or splintering, now is the time to sand them out.


You now have a mold and mildew-free, stable, and smooth wood fence. You can now go on to seal it and preserve it for another few years. Sealant comes in different colors and can range from clear to opaque to solid. The more solid it is, the more protection from UV rays and oxidation the fence gets. Allow the sealant to dry fully.


There’s something satisfying about a clean, well-polished fence. When your work is through, you can take a step back and enjoy the view. With Thanksgiving on the way, you can show it off to friends and family too!

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