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Vinyl Round Topo Pergola In Maryland, MD.


Hey folks. Here we are over here in Dunkirk, Maryland, taking a video of a round top Pergola. These pergolas are custom bent. We actually send the rails out to a window manufacturer that actually custom bends the railings for us. And this particular pergola has a the 10 inch tapered columns. They are vinyl, hundred percent vinyl. We used a 2X8 for the pergola beams. We used a 2X6 for the rafters, one-and-a-half by five-and-a-half inch pickets for the stringers on top to add some stability to it. We also added a little bit of privacy fence over here at the pumping station. We used a tan vinyl slat with the curved white 2X6 rails. Turned out really nice. Customer is very pleased with it.

Just wanted to show you this little project, and hope you come back soon to see the next video. Have a good day.