Vinyl Fence by Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence Co.


Hey folks. Here we over here in Hanover, Maryland, taking a look at a project we just completed. It’s a six foot solid vinyl privacy fence, white. We use 5X5 post casts, 5X5 posts, 2X7 top and bottom rails. We like the 2X7s because they’re a little bit heavier than what most other competitors use. We transferred that into a four foot high, what we call a Williamsburg picket. We also used 5X5 posts on this one as well, with the pyramid post caps. Turned out really nice. Runs with the grade really well. In a second here because it’s a job that is kind of tight, we’re going to take a walk around and get some other shots in the rest of the property, but hang on and we’ll be right back.

OK, here we go. We’re looking at the front of the property here. It’s a corner lot. And I just want to show you how it ran up the pretty steep hill on this side, left side of the property. And like I said, it turned out really nice. It runs all the way across the front, up the side, all the way across to the back. And then in the front here, we did what we call an eastport picket because the customer wanted a little bit higher fence, because they have dogs. So they didn’t want to dip in the fence so we just did it straight across the top. We call it an eastport picket. Turned out really nice. Hope you enjoyed. Come out and check our next video. Have a good day.