Pergola Deck in Severna Park – Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence Co.


Welcome, everybody. We’re over here in Severna Park, Maryland. We just finished a project over here. It is a pergola deck. This particular customer had a two story pool house built that one a day, a little bit of shade on a lower level deck, or patio, and upstairs were two walkouts that the customer wanted the ability to be able to get out on the upper level deck and put a couple chairs and sit out there and relax and look at the beautiful water view.

Anyway, in a few minutes here we’re going to go take a walk upstairs and we’ll show the view from the top. But I thought this was an interesting little project. It took a little bit of design work to get this thing figured out. We have all these beams are sleeved with microlams. And all the detail of the trim work on the trim rings turned out really nice. Customer is very pleased.

First time you’ve ever done a project like this where we incorporated a pergola right into the actual deck. But like I said, it was an interesting project, it was a fun project to do. And like I said, in a few seconds here, I’m going to walk upstairs and take a look at the upper level deck and a view from the top. Hang tight.

Welcome back. Here we are, we’re up top on the upper level deck. We used Ipe decking with the biscuits. So, create a hidden fastener effect. And put a vinyl railing all the way across the sides and the perimeter. Here’s a view from the top. The actual extension of the Pergola over the deck. I’m actually standing on the deck on the upper level, but the reason for this deck is because of that view right there. Will be able to sit here and look at the water and enjoy the day.

Hope you enjoyed. Come back and check us out. We’re going to do a lot more videos and thank you very much.