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Low Maintenance Deck in Severna Park – Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence Co.


Here we are again over here in Severna Park. Looking at a low maintenance deck that we just completed. Used Azek mocha flooring, screw down. Once again, vinyl railings. Notice that we have a grab rail which is actually required by county code to have on every deck in Anne Arundel county.

This thing is all pressure treated framing. Like I said, white vinyl railings 2X10 drop down beam. The ends are tapered for appearance. 6X6 bearing posts to grade. She is going to have a lot of extensive landscape work done to the project before it’s all said and done. But let me walk up here on the upper level and say what we’ve done up here.

Welcome back. Here we are, we’re out of the sun. The decking includes a lighting package, which a lot of people are doing now. Just adds some ambiance to the deck. And this thing is probably about 500 square feet. Azek decking, the mocha color. Screw down. We put a feature strip in the center to get away from the butt joints that would be required if we were to just do staggered decking.

Anybody who’s looking for a privacy screen, this is a great way to do it. As you can see, I’m standing face on, on the privacy screen and you can’t see through it. But when you can move out in a little bit of an angle, you can see through it on an angle. It allows the wind to go through it, plus provides you with some privacy. It’s a nice, nice feature for anybody who’s looking to get some privacy from the neighbors or something like that, and still allow some airflow to the deck.

So here we come, this staircase was pretty good size because the elevation was about 10 feet, 12 feet off a grade. You actually walk down about eight or nine steps and… Sorry about my shadow. But walk down about eight or nine steps to a landing. And about eight or nine steps more to grade. And it’s a pretty big staircase but worked out really nice.

Like I said, she’s going to be doing quite a bit of landscaping in the yard. Maybe we’ll come back and get some video once that’s complete.

Hope you enjoyed. Check out our next video.