Low Maintenance Deck and Porch in Maryland, MD


Hey folks. Here we are over here in Severna Park, Maryland, looking at a deck and screen porch addition that we just did. It turned out awesome. The customer has got it all planted up. It looks really, really nice. We’ll tell you a couple minutes and look at the outside of the deck here, and in a few minutes. We’ll go ahead and walk up and look at the screen porch.

This is a shed roof, because the way the house was designed we had to put a shed roof in this application. And inside we’ll show you how we just closed in the rafters and used a soffit material so you don’t see the rafters, they’re all hidden.

We did 6X6 post sleeves on this. Customer wants something a little bit bigger than a standard 4X4 or 5X5\. They really make the deck stand out, the railings stand out. It gets a nice clean look. Here we are up on the upper, walking up on the deck now.

Project turned out great. Notice how we put an area for the grill bump out so it’s not on the main level of the deck. Two staircase, one end exiting there directly to the backyard, and then one over there exiting to the front. So hang on a second. We’re going to take a walk inside and look at the screen porch.

OK folks, here we are inside the screen porch. Customer has used one of these indoor outdoor carpets to kind of accentuate like a little seating area. Absolutely fantastic job in decorating it. Customer picked out their own ceiling fans, which we recommend, because we don’t know what you want. We can certainly put the wiring boxes in for the ceiling fans. We add some recessed lighting. Give a little bit of ambiance at night on a dimmer switch.

Once again, we said that they used the 6X6 posts. So it just creates some mass. It makes a, just a different look. A lot of our videos, this is one of the more popular ceiling options that we use. It’s a double-two vinyl soffit type material. It looks great. Gives it a nice finished look. Add some light to the project.

Over here, I’ll spin around here. We use the full view Anderson screen door, which is probably one of the more popular choices in that. And then I want to show you, it’s kind of hard to show you here, but we use an Azek tongue and groove, they call it porch decking, to get away from screening the bottom of the deck in before you put the decking boards down. This is the tongue groove product made by Azek, specifically for this application. It’s a little on the pricey side but it looks fantastic when it’s down. And it serves two purposes, it actually keeps the bugs out and gives you a sort of like a front porch type look, and old style charm houses back in the day when you used to use the a four inch wide boards on the porch. Like I said, it’s hard to tell from a video, but really, really nice looking decking.

Hope you enjoyed, come back and check out one of our future videos. Have a good day.