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Low Maintenance Deck and Porch in Anne Arundel County – Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence Co Inc.


Welcome. We’re over here in Anne Arundel County, looking at this deck project we’ve completed recently. It’s a deck and a screen porch. We used a khaki decorator balusters with khaki railing system. It turned out really, really nice. We used Azek decking. Here in a minute we’ll take a walk up on the deck and show some actual footage of the deck.

We also installed and redid the upper level balcony on the back of this three story colonial over here in Anne Arundel County.

Looks really nice. Guys did a wonderful job. Homeowner’s really pleased. And we’ll be right back real soon. Hang on.

Welcome back. We’re shooting, still on the ground. We haven’t gone up on the upper level deck yet. I wanted to show you some footage of the actual screen porch from outside. We’re standing down on a pretty steep grade here. Just want to show you underneath. We wrapped all the six-by-sixes in the same color material that the railing was so everything matches. All the joists are 12 inches on center because we use the Azek decking. We like to go 12 inches on center for the simple reason that you don’t get any sagging over time with the material. Even though the manufacturer recommends us go 16 inches on center, we decided to put everything at 12 inches on center. But the beam was wrapped. A really nice job.

And here we go. We’ll go up on the upper level deck now and shoot some footage from there.

All right, here we go. We just came up the steps, the exit to grade. We build the little runway to take us up on the main level deck. Kind of bear with me here cause I’m walking as I’m videotaping so you make it a little bit of camera shake. But hey, these are amateur videos; we’re not professional videos. But anyway, here we go again.

This is the khaki railing with the decorator balusters. Looks really nice. Gives you a nice open, airy feeling. The black balusters that we use actually, when you’re sitting down looking through the railing, don’t really impede the view. Here we go. Here’s the screen porch. Sorry about the sun, but it’s beautiful day out here today.

We used an Anderson full view screen door. We’re going to step inside here real quick and I’m going to shoot some footage from in here. They had it beautifully decorated. They have a flat screen TV up on the wall there. Cables was run.

We use the double-two ceiling close-in, open gable. All the beams, bearing posts are wrapped. Same railing carries throughout the whole entire porch. Just a really, really nice, nice job here. And like I said earlier, customers are really pleased.

Here we are looking out of the porch onto the deck with a little seating area and we talk about that all the time when you’re designing decks is to try to incorporate seating areas and growing areas. Think all that ahead of time before you actually go with a final design of the porch.

But anyway, hope you enjoyed. And hopefully we’ll see you soon. We’re going to do some other videos and go from there. Thank you.