Low Maintenance Deck 5 from Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence


Hey folks, here we are back in Millersville again, we’re over looking at a project we just completed. It has two barrel fronts on it, one here where they have the hot tub. Underneath we did the gravel. Up on top we added a runway in front of the existing screen porch, and then on this side of course you have your staircase, which has lighting in it. Gravel all underneath the lower level deck. The barrel front on the right hand side.

This is about 636 square feet of decking. Once again it’s Fiberon Horizons decking. We customized the railing and did the 5X5 posts with the New England caps and black decorated balusters. It seems to be a pretty popular rail system. We also did, once again a matching cap that matches the decking on top.

A couple of seconds here we’re going to walk up on top of the deck and take a peek and look at it from the top side. Hang on, we’ll be right back.

Welcome back. Here we are again. Same project over in Millersville and I want to kind of show you, and we’ll do a little bit of a quick walk around here. This is the runway that I was just talking about that goes over to the hot tub area, which, actually the customer had to get a crane involved to get this hot tub — it’s so big you can’t even get the whole thing in the viewfinder — on the deck. Turned out really well.

We actually put reinforcement under this because this hot tub with water in it and figure eight people probably weighs about 8,000 pounds. So when you’re doing projects like that, you’ve got to make sure you get enough support underneath the tub area to carry all that weight. Project turned out really nice. The customer’s extremely pleased.

And look forward to working with you. Please feel free to contact us anytime. 800-833-9310\. And come back and enjoy some of our other videos.