Deck and Screened Porch Project in Anne Arundel County – Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence Co.


Here we are again over in Severna Park, Maryland. We just completed a screen porch and deck combo and it is a low maintenance deck once again, with the standard dropdown beam. We didn’t wrap the six-by-sixes, and we left the beam and the bearing post exposed on this one. But it’s all wrapped. It’s a shed style of roof, siding to match the house in the gable ends. And it turned out really nice. In a second here, we’ll walk up on the deck and give you a look around up there. Be right back.

Once again, here we are over in Severna Park, looking at the project we just completed over here. It turned out really, really nice with the white vinyl, low maintenance railings. Evergreen decking, screwed down — not nailed, screwed, which actually helps hold the decking a little bit tighter with a low maintenance screen door. Vinyl railings encompassing the entire perimeter of the screen porch. And here we’re going to walk inside and take some quick shots around, look around. They had already had it beautifully decorated. And once again there is a flat screen TV on the back wall, wired for speakers.

Triple or double-two vinyl soffit in the ceiling. All the beams headers are wrapped. Bearing posts are wrapped. We use the same decking in here, in the flooring in this room. And it was screened prior to putting the decking down so we don’t get the bugs and insects and everything coming up through the floor.

So here we are. And take a look at the inside of the screen door. It turned out really, really nice. Nice project. We’ve been blessed, we’ve got some awesome installers and they’ve been with us for quite a number of years.

But other than that, have a good day and check out some of our other videos online. Thank you.