Community Pool Fence in Severna Park – Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence Co.


Welcome back. Here we are hope at the Chart Ridge community pool and Severna Park. There was an existing chain link fence here that we replaced with an ornamental aluminum fence in white, commercial grade. So they’ll stand up to the abuse from all the kids and all the abuse it’s going to take.

Turned out really nice. The home owner’s association is really pleased with it. In a couple minutes here, we’ll take some video of the inside of the pool so you can see it from both points of view. Be Right back.

Welcome back. Here we are. As you can see, the fence encompasses the whole entire perimeter of the pool. We even did the fence around the baby pool. Keep the kiddies safe. And across the back.

Unfortunately to pool’s closed this time of year. But I just want to come over and show you the project. It turned out really nice. And hope you come back and check out some more video.

If you’re looking for aluminum fencing, it’s one of the most low maintenance fences that you can purchase. Won’t rot, won’t rust, won’t crack, peel — good value for the dollar.

Like I said, come on back and see us. We’re going to be doing a lot more of these videos and talk to you soon.