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Your Search For an Expert Deck Contractor in Bowie!

Bowie, Maryland is a city located in the heart of Prince George’s County. Bowie has quickly grown from a forgettable, small railroad stop to a large, thriving city in Maryland. It is the fifth most populous city and third largest city by area in the state. In 2014, CNN Money even ranked Bowie at 28th in its Best Places to Live in America list!

More and more people are settling down in Bowie every year, and with more homes being built it is important to have a team of trusted deck contractors to bring your exterior design dreams to life. At Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence, we can create an amazing outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy. 

Create A Usable Outdoor Space With A Deck

Our team of expert deck contractors have been designing and building quality decks for the Bowie community for over 30 years! Our team always prioritizes the best customer service and puts you first. We value and listen to your concerns, ideas, and specifications to ensure you are happy and satisfied with your new deck at the end of the whole process. Our deck contractors can help you navigate the world of deck design, choosing materials, installation, and we tailor everything to what you want! 

An Investment in Your Bowie Home Life

There are endless benefits to investing in great deck contractors and bringing a new deck to your home. A new deck adds monetary value to your home, and it creates more livable space for you and your family to enjoy right now! Decks are the perfect place to host your next party, cookout, or family dinner! It is a low maintenance way to bring your home’s atmosphere together and enjoy the great outdoors during the warm, beautiful weather.

A Deck is an Extension of Your Home’s Identity

We like to compare building a new deck to adding a new room to your home. An addition to your home is not a project you would take on yourself. Your new deck is in the same category! At Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence, we have expert deck contractors that specialize in building an amazing, efficient deck that fits right in with your home’s established aesthetic and atmosphere. We prioritize taking the stress off of you, and let enjoy the excitement of designing your dream deck.

A One of a Kind Deck For You!

When you work with our team of deck contractors, you’re sure to have a unique, one of a kind deck in the end! We can build and modify your new deck in a wide range of materials – from full wood flooring to low maintenance composite decking. Wood decking is a popular option for classic design reasons, and we offer our customers many different wood types to choose from. Composite decking is another option, and with easy maintenance and a timeless look, it is a very attractive option. 

The flooring pattern is another cool way to customize your deck. Flooring patterns can be designed and modified to any arrangement. We encourage our customers to come up with creative ideas for their new deck design. 

Your search for a team of deck contractors is over! Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence are eager to revamp your home in Bowie, Maryland! Get in touch with us today to get started. 

You can reach us by email or call us at 1-800-833-9310. We can fit any vision, and always want you to be proud of your new deck!