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The Best Among Fence Companies in Clarksburg, Maryland

Are you dreaming of a beautiful, sturdy new fence for your Clarksburg home? Just as you decorate and paint your living room or kitchen, building a fence and amping up your backyard is essential too! Fences are usually built for practical reasons like protecting children or pets and keeping them safely in your yard. But they also add a classic design element to your home’s garden as well. At Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence, our expert team of fence contractors wholeheartedly believe that a fence can genuinely be the missing piece that your home’s backyard needs to tie together a warm, welcoming atmosphere! Other fence companies simply can’t compete with our design expertise and fencing experience in the Clarksburg community.

The Best Among Fence Companies in Clarksburg, Maryland

Other fence companies simply can’t compete with our design expertise and fencing experience in the Clarksburg community.

Types of Fences

Fence companies usually offer various types of fences that they can build for your Clarksburg home. We strive to provide all of the best and highest quality materials for your new fence! Each fence has specific properties that make it ideal for different circumstances. Let us help work within your budget to find the perfect fence for you!


We can build fences from the following materials:

Talk with our expert team to help identify the right material for your new fence!

How Deep Should Fence Companies Set Posts?

On most wooden fence structures, the posts are usually set 30 to 36 inches below grade. This can vary based on your home and property conditions. It also depends on any underground utilities that might be in the way. On vinyl, steel, or aluminum fences, the manufacturers themselves have their own specifications as to how deep the posts need to be set into the ground. Most of them require at least 24 to 30 inches below grade.

What About Permits?

You will probably need a copy of your property plat that clearly shows the house and its location in conjunction with the property lines. We will have you indicate on the plat where the new fence will be built on the property. You will also be required to fill out the application for a permit, which usually involves a county fee. We can obtain the county permit for you at your request for an additional cost. Overall, our team is here to help you navigate this process smoothly and help you out any way that we can!

Other Fence Companies in Clarksburg, Maryland Can’t Compete With Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence!

Our fence contractors have been in business and building fences since 1987! That means that we have the years of experience and expertise required to build you the fence of your dreams for your Clarksburg home! Our excellent customer service and communication is what sets us apart from other fence companies. We are consistently trusted to build beautiful decks, fences, and other outdoor structures for the Clarksburg community. Please contact us today to get started on your new fence!