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Frame Your Stevensville Home – Enter a Fence Contractor Who Listens

Queen Anne’s County, Maryland is home to lovely and historic Stevensville. The Stevensville Historic District is a registered historic district of nearly 100 structures. Founded in 1850, Stevensville was a steamboat terminal. Not all the homes in the area are historic but residents are committed to the charm and aesthetic of the area. That is why Mid-Atlantic Deck and Fence is the best choice for Stevensville homeowners. We serve homeowner in Stevensville by working with era, homes style, images, screen shots, or other visual references to create the outdoor structures that suit your home and taste.

A Fence Contractor That Helps You Claim Your Space!

Like the different waves of early settlers, individual homeowners have unique ideas about fences, porches, decks, and relief from the sun. Have you considered screening a porch to extend the hours you can comfortably rack up porch time? Bug-free porch time is good porch time. What’s more is that a bug-free zone, like a screened porch, means that infants and small children get the fresh air without concerns about bites or sun. And, they keep your pets contained! All your mammals can enjoy quality porch time.

The Magic that Befalls Us in a Gazebo

Gazebos are destination structures. We have customers that build their entire seasonal entertaining plans around gazebos. Why not? In a place like Stevensville, a gazebo looks like it is perfectly in step with the historic elements of the town and the tone of the community. Gazebos can also be screened to make a magical place even more usable.

Pergolas Are Working Structures

While you may not have considered a pergola because of your love of the sun, they offer the best of both worlds. Pergolas do not block the sun like a roof. They filter the sun at an angle. You get wonderful light without the sizzle, fry, and burn of full sun exposure. Many people build pergolas for the beautiful structural elements. Some customers want the flexibility of adding screen panels to a pergola on the hottest side, or trellis to add fragrant plants. There is nothing like a breezy night perfumed by a climbing plant.

What is a Pagoda?

A pagoda is a structure like a gazebo with some differences. It has a roof, so you get shade. Unlike a gazebo, it does not have railings. However, we can add railings to suit style and location. For example, if a pagoda is constructed next to a slope or drop off to the ground, we can add railings or panels for safety.

Material Matters

While wood is ever popular and very configurable so are other materials. Gone are the days that metal means institutional. We offer aluminum and steel fences suitable for many different homes and many different homeowners.

Pool Fences

A beautiful fence and good planning with your fence contractor elevate your pool surround from a necessity to a destination.

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