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Belair Homes Benefit from an Expert Fence Contractor

The story of Belair, Maryland began in 1780. Growing, changing, and marking time, Belair has been, and remains, home to many historical sites. Several Bel Air sites are listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. Located in northern Harford County, Bel Air is seated just south of the Pennsylvania border.

Outdoor Living

Nothing is quite like air, light, and sunshine footsteps away in your outdoor spaces.  Relax and unwind in the outdoor living destination created for exactly the way your lifestyle words.

Sometimes the only thing keeping you from gathering on a porch is wildlife. We mean the airborne variety! There is no reason to stay inside and away from life-enhancing fresh air, sounds of nature, and greetings from friends and neighbors. We have screened many porches transforming them from passage-ways to destinations. For decades Mid-Atlantic Deck and Fence has assisted homeowners in making congruent design choices for areas where the fence meets house, adjacent to porches. That is where a fence contractor’s expertise provides a cohesive style throughout changes to your exterior.

Pergolas add structure, charm, and relief from the sun. Everyone is aware of the benefits of spending more time outdoors in non-processed air. We are equally aware that direct sunlight to our skin should be vastly limited. Pergolas give us the best of both. As a structural element in your overall outdoor room design, pergolas create vertical visual elements and define space.

Screened or unscreened few structures are as charming as a gazebo. They are like instant time-transporters to a time long past. Though traditional and charming gazebos are great choices for the many, many historical areas, communities, and neighborhoods in the Bel Air area they are perfect for a range of home styles. As a fence contractor, we know exactly how to make the elements in your outdoor space work together.

So much gardening. So much Zen. Ah, the tranquility. Where is my pagoda? Gardeners are great customers for Mid-Atlantic Decks and Fence We know how hard you work in your garden and how much you love your outdoor space. We do too! And, we know you need a break from the sun and a place to sit. Even more, you need a place for others to enjoy the garden you have built. Ask us about a pagoda today!

Fences are Frames for the Exterior of Your Home

Home styles vary, often even within the same community. The great news is that we build fences for any style home in a variety of materials. Your lifestyle, lot conditions, and the site may determine the best choice. Our expert team can advise you based on all those variables.

Get Decked Out, with Mid-Atlantic Deck and Fence

Deck choices are nearly endless. We can build multi-level decks, ground level decks, decks with benches, and staircases in a range of materials to fit your lifestyle and goals. Let’s talk decks, call us at 800-833-9310!