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Gazebo or Pergola: Which Should You Choose?

Here are a few things to consider that will help you choose the outdoor structure that will best fit your needs.

Of all of the many options for outdoor features that you can install in your backyard, two of the best are the gazebo and pergola. While either of these could be a great choice for your house, chances are that you’ll find that you have a preference. Here are a few things to consider that will help you choose the structure that will best fit your needs.

Covered or Open Roof

There are many different styles of gazebos and pergolas, but generally, a gazebo will offer a traditional shingle roof while a pergola has an open roof. If you have an area of your hard that gets a lot of sun, then you might want the shade provided by a gazebo. However, a pergola could be a good choice if you want to use sunny areas for gardening while adding a nice accent to your yard. Climbing plants especially like the support that a pergola offers.

Room for Seating

Both a gazebo and pergola can cover plenty of space for seating. The openness of a pergola lets you have more freedom to arrange your seating layout. But, although a gazebo might have some limitations because it will have a set shape and size to its footprint, you can take advantage of that by having built-in benches around the sides that can double as storage space.

Overall Look

Finally, it is up to you to decide whether a gazebo or a pergola will be a better look for your yard. Sometimes people with smaller yards will prefer a pergola because it does not obstruct the view, while a gazebo is great for making a large yard look less empty. Keep in mind what other features you want to incorporate into your yard as well.

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