Pergolas Vs. Gazebos


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Gazebos and Pergolas can add shelter and style!

Have you ever headed out into the backyard with your lawn chair only to be driven back inside by the sun? It can happen to anyone, well everyone who doesn’t have a pergola or a gazebo. Now, you may not be familiar with one or both of these structures, so we’re going to talk about them today. Are you ready to learn more? Well, here we go!

So, what’s a pergola?

A pergola is a structure that you can put into your yard that can shield you from the sun. The pergola is traditionally a four-pillared structure with a roof that is either solid or openwork. Pergolas are great for casually hanging out in the back yard with some shade. An openwork pergola will allow you to place vines or other foliage across the top to create a natural roof. Pergolas are perfect for gardens if you need to keep some of your plants shaded.

What makes a gazebo different?

A gazebo is more of a building than a pergola. There are usually steps that lead to a raised platform. The roof is usually completely solid to keep rain and sun at bay. Gazebos can also come with a built-in bench for relaxing. Gazebos are perfect spots to sit and read a book or simply enjoy the afternoon.

What makes pergolas and gazebos a worthy investment?

When it comes to enjoying the outdoors in comfort and style, either of these structures can make the perfect addition. They can help keep you from experiencing the harsh sun or rain while you enjoy your yard. Another great benefit to these structures is that they are great places to entertain or host an event. Because they shield you from the elements, you can set up speakers, a snack table, or another party element that needs to stay safe and dry. Why not give one a try?

So, ready to invest in a pergola or gazebo?

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