The Perils of an Invisible Fence for your Dog


invisible fences

Invisible fences aren’t such a good idea.

Something about invisible fences really appeals to people. They see the price tag and think, “Hey, maybe this is exactly what I’ve been looking for.” They couldn’t be more incorrect. There are a lot of potential issues with having an invisible fence for your dog. Are you ready to learn more about them? Let’s do it!

The dog can escape quite easily.

One of the biggest reasons we invest in fences is to keep pets inside of them. An invisible fence doesn’t necessarily do this job effectively. The way they work is that they have an “invisible” barrier that shocks the dog when it tries to move past it. Now, you can increase the shock of the collar until the dog is afraid to go past the barrier, but a stubborn dog can easily push past the pain until it is free. This is particularly true for dogs that like to give chase or are aggressive with other dogs. A temporary shock won’t keep a determined dog from getting to where they need to be. A fence that won’t keep the dog inside of it effectively sort of defeats the purpose.

Too much shock can scare the dog.

It’s hard to justify something that can teach the dog that going outside isn’t a good thing. Dogs that aren’t sure of where the perimeter is may often find themselves getting shocked by accident. To them, it will seem random and they will not learn the correct behaviors. They will simply be left with their fear of going too far into the yard.

A real fence is your best bet.

A sturdy fence built at the appropriate height for your dog is the most secure option for your dog’s safety. As long as your dog can’t jump over the fence you will be able to rest assured that they will be safe while you go inside and do other things. This is a security that an invisible fence cannot give.

So, ready to ditch the invisible fence?

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