Frequent Problems With Maryland Decks


In this post, we will discuss the problems Maryland deck owners face all year long.

Living in the state of Maryland, we all know how unpredictable the weather can be. No matter the season, we can expect anything, from rain and extreme temperatures to thunderstorms. As a deck owner, this can be worrisome because you never know what abuse your deck will take. In this post, we will go over a few of the frequent problems deck owners in Maryland have to face all year long and what you can do to fight against these problems. 

Insect Damage

If you own a wood deck, you know that your deck is susceptible to insect damage. Some species of insects burrow themselves into various areas of your deck and make their home there. Once in your deck, the insects begin to eat through the wood and can cause structural damage to your deck. To combat this infestation, call your local exterminator to deal with the problem. Once the insects have been eradicated, apply a sealant on your deck so it can keep those pests away.

Wood Rot

With all the rain and snow Maryland gets throughout the year, wood rot is a consistent problem for deck owners to worry about. Not only does this negatively affect the appearance of your deck, but also wood rotting can impact the strength of your deck. The areas of your deck that can be the most affected are your handrails and stairs. You can prevent rotting from happening if you’ve been putting a sealant on your deck regularly; but if your deck is showing extensive damage from wood rot, you’ll have to replace those affected areas. This ensures that the deck is structurally stable and is safe for you, your family, and anyone else that walks on it.

Weather Damage

As stated before, the amount of rain and snow Maryland accumulates can damage your deck. If you’ve been properly maintaining and weatherproofing your deck, it won’t be affected as much as other decks that haven’t been maintained. Not properly preserving your deck can lead to warped boards, discoloration, hail damage, and caving from heavy snowfalls. To alleviate the possibility of your deck getting weather damage, make sure that the material is both strong and sturdy. Also, if there are any weak boards, have them replaced immediately.  

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