Hot Tub Deck Design Ideas

Hot Tub Deck Design Ideas

Check out these hot tub deck ideas that could make your backyard very special.

Who wouldn’t love to have an outdoor hot tub on their deck? Soaking in a hot tub is a wonderful way to relax and increase blood circulation, which has a plethora of health benefits. It also has social aspects; it’s just one more way that people can spend time together. When it comes to hot tub deck design ideas, you can find several major options that have countless variations. Here’s what they are. If you are ready to adjust or build your deck for the new hot tub, Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence in Maryland is ready to help.

Hot Tub Deck Design Ideas: Placement

“Above-Deck” Hot Tub

The simplest way to install a hot tub on your deck is to place it on top of the deck, typically next to the house. The deck must be structurally sound enough to support the weight. Your “above-deck” hot tub could be on your deck at any elevation, which could give you options if you have a multi-level deck.

Sunken Hot Tub

A sunken hot tub’s top rim is either flush with the deck platform or rises some inches above it. If your deck is close enough to the ground, your deck could sit directly on the ground. Some decks have tiers leading up to it, while others make one lower themselves into it. All around, it gives the sense that you are stepping into a natural hot spring.

Carved-Out Hot Tub

A carved-out hot tub is a hot tub that eats into the deck surface without being in the middle of it, like a sunken hot tub is. If it is a square hot tub, the corner of the deck could be cut out at a right angle so that the hot tub could wedge right into it. If it is a circular hot tub, one could cut a semi-circle into one side of the deck.

Hot Tub Deck Design Ideas: Additions

Hot Tub Deck with Pergola

Once the placement is set, you can think about possible additions. For example, what about shade? It might be more pleasant if the sun is not beating down on you while in a hot tub. A pergola could be the answer, providing enough shade throughout the day while keeping it airy.

Hot Tub Deck with Privacy

Do you need to make your hot tub more private? Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence can help you design and install a privacy screen on your deck to create your backyard oasis. Many designs, such as lattice or decorative, are available.

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