Winter Maintenance Tips For Wood Fences

Winter will be here before you know it. Fall is a good time to learn about nursing your wooden fence during the winter.

If you don’t properly maintenance your fence during the winter, then your home and backyard will be uninviting, unkempt, and run down. The unattractive appearance becomes especially unattractive and visible during  the winter months because the trees are bare and there’s not much vegetation around to hide the flaws of your fence or home.

The following are maintenance tips that will your wood fence looking glamours in winter and beyond:

1. Apply waterproof stain or sealant on your wood fence. This is important to do in the winter because moisture and extreme cold temperatures can soften your wood fibers and help mold and mildew rot your wood fence. The stain or sealant should be applied between boards and rails to give your fence plenty of airflow to dry when long exposure to wet conditions occur.

2.Inspect your posts throughout the winter.Posts should be straight, stable and rot-free. Without sturdy posts, rainy and snowy winter months could create sinkholes, landslides and shifts in the soil  surrounding your fence. Inspections should be done after major storms. If there are noticeable dips or rises, replace your posts.

3. Trim the trees near your fence. Overburden branches could cause damage to your wood fence from the weight of snow and ice storms.

These simple maintenance duties will prevent or minimize any damage your fence may suffer from in the winter and beyond.

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