The Benefits Of Retractable Shade Awning Pergolas

This pergola features 12" fiberglass columns and a retractable shade awning on the top. Mid Atlantic Deck And Fence also did the fence and deck seen in the background of the photo.

Although we have quite some weeks of winter left, it is time to prepare your home to enjoy the great outdoors for spring.

You should always search for ways to enhance the comfort and luxury of your home and lifestyle.

One way to improve your outdoor living space for Spring 2013 is to have a Pergola with a Retractable Shade Awning designed for your backyard or front yard.

This article will provide you information on the benefits of having a pergola with a retractable shade awning.

Retractable shade awnings help increase the functionality and appeal of patios, pergolas, and other rooms for the great outdoors.

Retractable shade awnings can be featured on wood, vinyl, and aluminum patio covers and pergolas that are free standing or attached to the home.

What is so wonderfully about pergolas and patios that feature retractable shade awnings?

They can provide you control over how much sun you want at any given time or provide you shade when necessary.

The patios and pergolas can also provide protection from the rain with this awning feature.

You can use retractable shade awnings to add more privacy to a hot tub or spa area. You can use the awnings to cover your outdoor dining area as well.

What are the benefits of retractable shade awnings?

  1. They are customized to fit your spatial needs.
  2. The retractable shade awnings can be operated wirelessly or manually.
  3. There are a variety of color panels to choose from.
  4. They will help you save on your energy bill.

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