Quote vs. Estimate: What’s the Difference?

Quote vs. Estimate: What’s the Difference?

What is the difference between a quote and an estimate? Good question!

If you have been improving your home in recent years, you will be familiar with the terms “quote” and “estimate.” If you are just getting into the home improvement process, it is important to know the difference between these two similar terms. Before embarking on a new fence, deck, or another outdoor feature, learn the difference between a quote vs. estimate below.


An estimate is an estimation of what a project might cost. As the name implies, it is a preliminary, educated guess by a professional estimator. You as the homeowner will need to provide details about what you are looking to renovate or build. Traditionally, an estimator will visit your house, evaluate the project site, and listen to your requests before giving you an idea of the cost. You will want to be prepared with the dimensions of your outdoor space and the material and style of your outdoor feature in mind. If you are seeking a fence installation, it is best to check in with the surveyor to know your property lines and their total length. Usually, an estimate is free.


Meanwhile, a quote is a detailed write-up that comes after an estimate, although it is not always essential. A quote details the price of the materials and may also include the cost of labor. It also lays out the likely timeframe of the project. Unlike an estimate, a quote is a fixed price. However, it is only valid for a specific period, as short as a month. This is because the prices of materials fluctuate according to supply and demand. However, once the contractor purchases the materials, he should only charge you that amount rather than what the current market price is. When reviewing the quote, make sure you understand it completely before agreeing to it. Make sure it is straightforward and leaves nothing to doubt. 

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