Outdoor Living: All About Gazebos

Screened gazebos can be designed as a beautiful extension to your current deck. Enjoy the breeze without the bugs!

Screened gazebos can be designed as a beautiful extension to your current deck. Enjoy the breeze without the bugs!

How capable are you of enjoying the outdoor space on your property? Features like screened gazebos, pagodas, and porches make outdoor living more enjoyable than ever. A gazebo is an outdoor roofed structure with an open view of surrounding landscape that commonly features seating options. Variations of these features were found in Egyptian gardens as many as 5,000 years ago. Mid-Atlantic Deck and Fence is here to tell you all about modern gazebos and how they are a beneficial investment. Check out our gazebo gallery here!

What are the Benefits of Gazebos?

The most obvious benefit of having a gazebo on your property is having a place to entertain and relax outdoors. Screened gazebos are especially comfortable because they minimize the presence of bothersome mosquitoes and other critters that can disrupt the enjoyment of outdoor living. Additionally, mosquitoes can carry several diseases and increased exposure to them could increase health risks. The best part? You can still feel the breeze!  Another beneficial aspect is that gazebos can be conveniently designed and customized to meet a wide variety of aesthetic and functional needs for any homeowner.

Custom Gazebo Design

Custom gazebos offer great design flexibility. The location of your gazebo depends on your needs. Interested in putting your new gazebo in a private corner or nook of your yard? No problem. Do you want your gazebo to be in the shade? Full sunlight? Walls? No walls? It’s up to you! The roof of your gazebo can completely protect you and your guests from sun and rain or it can be designed to feature only partial shade. Gazebo shape varies, but is commonly octagon, square, round, or oval. Gazebos can also be designed in different colors to match your current deck.

Diverse Gazebo Uses

How you use your gazebo is up to you. Basic gazebos are used as general outdoor seating areas to relax. Some gazebos are designed with more specificity in mind. For example, gazebos can be designed as a shelter for your hot tub, spa, fire pit, or outdoor kitchen. Your gazebo can be designed to feature ample surface area, making it the perfect place to practice yoga or exercise. Gazebos can also be decorated beautifully and incorporated into backyard wedding design.

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