Low Maintenance Decking

Owning a deck has its advantages and its setbacks. Yes, it is nice to have an outdoor entertainment venue of your own, allowing you to throw summer barbeques (BBQs), parties, and small, intimate get-togethers, but once your company has gone you are still left with a deck that requires tons of annual maintenance.

There has to be a better solution!

There is, with Mid-Atlantic Deck and Fence’s low maintenance decking, which requires no sanding, no staining, no resealing, and little cleanup. Remember a deck should be a treat to you NOT require you to treat them.

Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence has the largest selection of low maintenance decking products to choose from in the Baltimore-Washington area. Stop by our showroom to see the various low maintenance decking products we carry.

Click here to request an estimate for our cleaning and sealing service. If you have any questions, contact Mid-Atlantic Deck and Fence (MAD Fence) today by clicking here or calling 1-800-833-9310.

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Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence also offer re-decking, which is where we use your existing deck framing and apply one of the many low maintenance decking or railing products that we offer. Mid AtlanticDeck and Fence Co. Inc. also offers a low maintenance deck cleaning service. It will look brand new again.

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