Keep Your Fence Safe From the Cold Weather

winterize your fence

Frost is a problem for your fence for a number of reasons, and cold weather can also pose a threat. 

In Autumn, we start to see frost on the grass and on our cars.  But there is also moisture lining our fences, and this moisture melts as the day wears on.  And especially in Autumn, we often see drastic changes in temperatures that make it difficult to predict when frost will occur.  Frost is a problem for your fence for a number of reasons, and cold weather can also pose a threat.  To prevent damage, read these tips regarding how to protect your fence from cold weather.

Moisture Problems


During cold months, it’s possible that the frost and snow accumulating on your fence won’t be given the proper amount of heat to melt and dry.  On an unprotected fence, this can cause moisture to seep into the cracks of your wood fence and freeze.  Frozen moisture causes wood to expand, which leads to splitting and knotting. Protecting your fence with an oil-based sealant can make a huge difference in the winter.




Frost may weigh down your fence!  Your fence posts should be deep in the ground in order to prevent your fences from bending or swaying.  You could also try placing heavy rocks by the posts to make sure they don’t move.  Frost weighing down fences can end up compromising the entire fence, not just certain posts.


Wood Type


The wrong wood type may expand and contract in undesirable ways when the temperature fluctuates a lot.  Make sure you’re doing your research!  Certain kinds of wood will be able to withstand this temperature change a little easier.  


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