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Do you have a pressure treated wood deck that you want refinished? Prior to having your deck refinished, you will need to have a deck cleaning. What kind of cleaning supplies do you need for an effective deck cleaning?

For an effective deck cleaning, you need to a safe detergent that can remove stains. Before using any detergent on your wood deck, you should apply the detergent on a small area of your deck to see how it will work on your entire deck. You may also want to consider utilizing a pressure washer because pressure washer equipment can truly give your wood deck a rejuvenated appearance.

As for using a bleach solution, only use mild bleach if you need to kill mold or mildew on your wood deck. If you have plants near your deck use cleaning solutions like baking soda, vinegar and borax instead of bleach to protect your plants from toxic chemicals used in bleach cleaning solutions.

When cleaning your wood deck with bleach, do not use it for a long time to prevent bleaching of your wood. You should cover any surrounding plants to protect the flowers from bleach. Completely wash the bleach off your deck for the best results.

Next, apply detergent to your wood deck to remove dirt and algae. It is possible to add detergent to your bleach solution to save you a cleaning step.

Remember, your wood deck is an elevated surface. You need to make sure your deck is kept clean and polished. When you clean your wood deck, have all deck furniture removed so you can properly clean your entire deck surface. Sweep your deck with a broom to remove debris large and small. For debris stuck in the deck slats, use a butter knife to clean out the cracks.

Hose your wood deck down with a pressure washer and you are good to go.

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