How to keep your screened porch warm

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Although the weather is becoming chilly, there’s no reason not to enjoy the Fall weather. You can enjoy it to the fullest with a Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence screened porch.

What’s so great about a screened porch in the Fall?

You can have extra protection from the elements while enjoying the natural beauty of Fall.

Your custom screened porch from Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence can be used to entertain both your family and friends.

It’s the perfect home area to celebrate October Fest and other great Fall events.

What are the best Fall decorations for a screened porch?

A popular fall decor is cornstalks. The cornstalks catch the eye because the boldness of height. You can keep your cornstalks stable with floral wire. Place colorful gourds on the floor of your screened porch to add  a delightful focal point to your room design.

You may also use pumpkins and hay bale to create an unique centerpiece. Go to your local florist to have a professional center piece created.

A really lovely decor item you can add to your screened porch is grapevine wreath that features your favorite Autumn items such as autumn leavens, pine cones and acorns.

You can make your screened porch extra welcoming by using different scented candles by the week. Pumpkin spice is a popular scent for the Fall season.

You can also add Halloween lights to illuminate your screened porch at night.

To enjoy your screened porch during the cold months, we highly recommend having heating installed.

With heating you’ll be able to keep warm as you look through your screened porch windows to admire your scenery.

We recommend purchasing an all in one heater for the best results.

Have your screened porch well insulated if you plan to use your porch all year round.

If you have the screened porch well insulated, you will never have to close the doors that enter your home.

You can even have an indoor hot tub installed for your porch with the right heating.

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