How to keep Brown Spots off your Lawn

Summertime is here. Although it’s hot outside, you still have to mow the lawn.

Lawns grow rapidly for two reasons – from seeds or sod. It is important during the summer to mow the lawn at the right times of the day.


Properly mowing the lawn at the right time will benefit your lawn in the following ways:

  • Greener Grass
  • Less Weeds
  • Better Curb Appeal

When is it the best time to mow the lawn?

The best time to mow the lawn is after sunset because grasses thrive off heat and needs shade to maintain moisture in roots of the grass blades. If your lawn is adequately fertilized, you can help your grass prevent excessive weed growth while keeping the soil cool.

Only water your lawn once a week when it’s hot to prevent fast growing grass. You should also follow the rule of thumb to cut down the grass one-third of its current height.

Cutting the lawn too short can reduce the health of the grass (resulting in yellowish grass, brown spots).

Healthy grass should have a height between 2-3 inches during the summer. The higher the grass within that height range, the better control you will have over weed growth.

Never again will your lawn need to experience brown spots from lawn mowing, fungus or pet urine. Master proper lawn technique and you’re good to go (make sure your mower blade is sharp for the best results).

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