Helpful Spring Maintenance Tips For Your Wooden Deck

deck maintenance

If you’ve got a deck, it will have weathered a harsh winter outdoors and may be in need of a little clever and effective TLC.

Every year homeowners get excited for spring cleaning, but all that home love shouldn’t stop at your front door. If you’ve got a deck, it will have weathered a harsh winter outdoors and may be in need of a little clever and effective TLC. Here are some spring maintenance tips to help get your deck ready for a summer of fun.

Inspect & Repair


Before you make any decisions about your deck and get started on that all important spring maintenance, you need to know exactly how it’s doing. Your very first task should be a thorough general inspection of your deck. Look at its features, probe it for rot, and take not of any wood that has warped or come loose. Check any wet areas for warping, rot, and mold. Also look for cracking a cupping. See if you need small DIY repairs, or major replacements. If you notice anything major, you may want to consult a professional.


Clean Your Deck


Cleaning goes far deeper than appearance. While a clean deck looks better and is more inviting, a regularly cleaned deck will last far longer than a neglected one. With all of the time, money, and energy you have invested in your deck, making sure you get the most out of that investment with regular cleanings only makes sense. When grime and mold accumulate on a deck over time, they can massively speed up deterioration. Sweep regularly and do occasional thorough cleanings with a cleaning solution of your choice.


Seal Your Deck


After your deck is clean, it is time to decide whether to seal it or not. Not everyone takes this step, but it is still quite a popular option. Whether you opt for a seal or a stain, each has a different timeline it must be applied on. Clear sealers often require annual reapplication, which stains need to be reapplied every other year. Never seal or stain a wet deck. Always wait 48 hours after washing before applying anything else.


Ready for the Wood Deck of Your Dreams?

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