Deck Safety: How To Design A Kid Friendly Deck

Do you want to make your home more kid friendly? If yes, you should consider having a kid friendly deck designed for your home.

Why will this space be great for your kids?

Kids love the outdoors! A deck that’s safe for them will give them the opportunity to explore the great outdoors while assuring you that they are safe under your supervision.

Here are some ways Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence can make your deck child friendly:

1. Make handrail gaps 3.5 inches or narrower. It’s important to check gap sizes to make sure the tiny heads of children don’t get stuck in the  deck hand railings. We can even make sure hands and legs do not get stuck in the deck by narrowing gaps in the deck surface as well.

2. Install slip guards on steps. This will prevent children from injuring themselves during inclement weather days and even when it’s sunny and dry.

3. Have a gate installed at deck steps. This is especially important to install for elevated decks. The last thing you want is a deck that allows children to sleep out of your vie or fall off steps or the deck itself.

Let Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence design a deck for you that’s safe for the entire family today.

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