Can a Fence Be Installed in the Winter Here in Maryland?

Fence Winter MarylandWinter is fast approaching. Heck, there is even snow in the forecast here in Maryland. Time is running out to complete those outdoor home improvement projects, right? Well, not quite. While several outdoor home improvement projects will have to wait until spring, fencing is not one of them.

Can a Fence Be Installed in the Winter Here in Maryland?

The simple answer is yes, although the conditions must be right. Winter fencing is not impossible, but it is certainly more difficult with the frozen ground. But we won’t let that stop us, right? The only thing that could potentially derail the construction of your new fence would be rain, sleet, and snow. But other than that, winter fence construction is not only possible, but actually beneficial for several reasons:

  • Many people wait until spring and summer to address outdoor home improvements. This means fencing companies book up quickly. This is typically not an issue during the winter months. Fencing companies tend to have more openings, meaning you will more easily be able to have your fence installed when YOU want it.
  • Your fence will be ready come spring, allowing you to enjoy the entire season. By installing your fence in late fall or even winter, you won’t miss a thing. You can relax in your nice warm home while your contractor goes to work outside.
  • Despite the often frigid conditions, weather in the winter is actually more predictable and therefor easier to schedule around. There are no April showers to contend with.
  • And More!

Winter Fence Construction in Maryland

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