Planter Boxes & Deckscaping

plantbox2What is deck scaping: This is a fun topic because it allows us to bring plant material to the deck design process. If you are looking to accessories your deck, planter boxes are a great way to add character and color to the deck design. Planter boxes can be built using similar materials that you’re decking and railing are constructed out of so they match. Planters can be built so they are an iatrical part of the railing system or sit separately by them selves in a corner or in front of the railing system. One popular design is to build a bench that has planters on either side. If you are looking to gain some privacy from a neighbor a planter or plant trellis is a great natural option.

plantbox3I encourage every one to add some plant material to every deck design there are really some nice options available on the retail planter market. Planters come in all shapes and sizes as well as material options, wood, ceramic, stone, cast aluminum and the list goes on. We have actually had clients that used a planter to make small water garden in with live coy and a small pump for a mini fountain which I thought was a great idea.

plantbox1Plant material can be changed throughout the year to keep in tune with the season. Add Tropical plants and flowers for spring, mums and evergreens for fall and winter. You would not believe how a deck can change its overall look and feel just by adding some deck scaping.

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