Pergolas & Trellises

pergolas3Looking for a little shade or a little more architectural enhancement for your deck design; than the addition of a pergola is a great way to achieve that goal. There are many variations and choices in the materials use in the designing and construction of pergolas. The most popular species of lumber used in the construction is, pressure treated pine and western red cedar, however because they are wooden structures they do require a little maintenance. Most of our clients elect to have them painted or stained to help them keep them looking as new as the day you purchased it.  Mid Atlantic now manufactures wooden pergola kits and offers them in for the do-it-yourself market. Western red cedar pergolas, by far is the most popular species of lumber used for wood pergola construction. Cedar has a natural resistance to rot and decay and it also is allot more dimensionally stable and takes a paint or stain very well. Cedar pergolas are generally more expensive than pressure treated pergolas but they are well worth the additional expense.

pergolas1Vinyl pergolas are the solution for the customer that would like a lower maintenance pergola. Our pergola kits are manufactured by us Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence Co. and are available for the do-it-yourself market also. We only use 100% virgin vinyl to construct our pergolas, and they are backed by a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Vinyl pergolas never need painting, simple soap and water cleans them right up. When it comes to pergolas posts and columns we offer them in 5×5 and6x6 square post options or 8” and 10” round tapered vinyl columns. Mid Atlantic has the ability to design and build vinyl pergolas in a radius or bent shapes, don’t forget to check out our new round top pergola kits they look great and are easy to install.

pergolas2A corner trellis or privacy trellis is a great way to introduce some unique design aspects to your project. They can have a similar look as a pergola but generally are installed on a corner of the deck or along one side of the deck or the other for additional privacy. You can add lattice or picket accents or we can custom design one for you. They are a great opportunity to enhance your deck scaping plan, hanging baskets look great on any trellis design.

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