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All exterior lumber products will undergo a drying process once they are installed. Certain species of lumber are affected by the drying process more than others. Some of the typical results of this drying process are: warping, cracking, twisting, splitting and shrinking. This is a natural part of the drying process and does not affect the structural integrity of the lumber. This is NOT covered under the manufactures warranties. However, there are some steps that can be taken to greatly reduce some of these issues.

Use a good quality sealer or wood stain normally 30 to 90 days after completion. Most local home centers supply these types of products, and can be applied with a good quality pump up sprayer or by hand. Be careful if you are going to use a sprayer as it can get air borne and get on grass, shrubs, vehicles or even your house and is not easily removed. Make sure whatever sealer or stain you are going to use is suitable for the species of lumber that was used on your project. Power washing may be needed from time to time in order to remove excess dirt or stains and should be resealed or stained after it dries. Staining and sealing is not mandatory however it does keep your deck or fence looking new for many years to come. A lot of customers let their deck or fence weather naturally because they like the weathered, natural look.

Listed below are some links to other web sites that can hopefully answer any questions you may have regarding the particular species used on your project. Also, concerning cleaning tips, do a search on deck cleaning; we have found this most helpful.

Low Maintenance Decking

Are you tired of cleaning, sanding, staining or resealing your old warn-out wooden deck year after year? Well, you will never need to do it again if you choose one of our low maintenance decking and railing products. Remember a deck should be a treat to you NOT require you to treat them. We also offer re-decking, which is where we use your existing deck framing and apply one of the many low maintenance decking or railing products that we offer.

Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence has the largest selection of low maintenance decking products to choose from in the area. We strongly suggest that you stop by our showroom to see first hand some of the various low maintenance decking products we carry. We have an indoor showroom and our outdoor display that will help you decide which low maintenance decking product best suits your needs and fits your budget. People want options and we have the largest selection of low maintenance options available, from decks and railings, to planter boxes, pergolas, or benches. We also carry lighting solutions to build into bars or pagodas. We have the ability to make your backyard resort become a reality. Remember that decks are not just squares and rectangles any more. They are an extension of your personality and your home.

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