What Type of Fencing is Best For Your Dog?

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Is your dog trying to escape? Keep your precious pups contained with a tall, wooden privacy fence for maximum safety.

Recently on our blog, we talked about child safety fencing. Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about your furry, four-legged children! Like young children, dogs can operate on their own agendas with no knowledge or awareness of impending danger. Is your dog trying to escape your yard? Who knows what he is chasing, but it is probably time to invest in a fence to ensure safety. Let us help you decide which fence works best for your dog.

Wood Privacy Fencing for Your Dog

Dogs are very active, commonly jumping and digging when they are outdoors. Based on the size of your dog, you’ll need a fence tall enough that your dog can’t clear it with a jump and sturdy enough that he can’t dig an escape. We think the best fence for dogs is most commonly a six-foot wood privacy fence. There are several benefits of wood fencing. These fences are durable, solid, and capable of keeping your dog safe in your yard, and other dogs and potential intruders out.


How to Keep Your Dog From Escaping

Regardless of the measures you take to keep your animals and children safe, anything is possible. Aside from installing a fence to contain your dog, there are other steps you can take to ensure their safety. You should always pay attention to your dog. If you don’t monitor them or leave them unattended for too long, they will look for an escape or source of entertainment. Once your fence is installed, make sure you survey it for any damage and find areas where your dog may be trying to escape. Try lining the fence with rocks to discourage digging. Keep the entire edge of your fence clear of any objects that your dog could use as a jumping point to get over the fence.


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