How To Prepare Your Cedar Wood Fence For A Harsh Winter

Cedar wood fencing is an attractive outdoor fencing.  If you are considering installing a cedar wood fence or already have an existing one, you need to know about cedar fence maintenance.

It only takes one bad winter to turn such a beautiful landscape structure into a grotesque one, if not properly cared for.

A harsh winter can make cedar wood visibly show signs of dirt and damage from weather conditions and general use.

To properly care for your cedar fence, you should keep in stock transparent stain, sealer, sand paper, and paint brushes.

A properly installed cedar fencing will help you prevent untimely wear and damage but you will still need a reapplication of transparent stain to your cedar fencing every four to five years. This application should be done during the summertime with clean paintbrushes.

After the stain dries on the cedar fence, a coat of sealer should be applied to the fence.

The fence should be inspected for maintenance every spring and fall. Look for rotting wood, splinters and broken nails.

For splintering wood, sand down the fence. If you see any signs of rotten wood or broken nails, you cedar wood fence should be entirely replaced.

Cedar fencing is a durable and resilient wood as long as you care for it. Let it provide your home with beauty and privacy.

Cleaning and general maintenance will be necessary for the preservation of your cedar wood fence.

Care for it properly and the cedar fence will remain attractive and structurally sound for years to come.

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