How To Clean Your Vinyl Fencing During Fall

If you’re installing a vinyl fence this Autumn, you need to make sure you know how to clean it properly. Vinyl fencing is a great fence because it’s virtually maintenance free but maintenance free does not mean dirt-free.

The elements of your environment can take toll on your vinyl fence and leave scuff marks, paint residue and other damages.

To clean your vinyl fence properly , all it takes is a good hose down to rinse the fence with water. For heavy mud or dust buildup, go for a pressure washer and a scrub.

To remove scuff marks, use a wedge shaped pencil eraser and rub it over the scuff marks like you would erase pencil from paper.
If you need to remove paint, use a plastic scraper to try to lift the paint off without damaging the fence. If the paint does not disappear, apply a thin coat of paint thinner and use an absorbent rag to wipe the paint away.

As for removing rust and hard water stains, spray white vinegar on the affected area and rub the area with a cloth until stains disappear.
Remove mold and mildew from your vinyl fencing by mixing up a bucket of water and biodegradable soap. Add white vinegar and tea tree oil to the mix to naturally kill mold and mildew. Scrub until mold and mildew is removed.

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