Vinyl Privacy Fence with Lattice Top – Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence Co.


Hey folks were over here looking at this project we just completed for a home builder, local home builder. This project is a six foot privacy fence with a foot and of tight leaf lattice on top. White vinyl.

Have to excuse the noise here. I’m out on the main road.

We did both sides of the street here. We did all around the whole entire community. There was a total of about two thousand linear feet of fence. This project turned out really, really nice. Builders are very pleased with it. It served its purpose, was to block the road and the road noise as we’re experiencing right now, from a lot of traffic.

Also wanted to show you that a fence can be used, makes a great backdrop for plantscaping, which is what this builder has done all the way throughout the whole entire project.

Like I said, turned out really nice. If you’d like to know more about this project or where it’s located, you can contact us at at Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence company. Ask about the builder project we just completed over in Severna Park. Check us out in our next video coming up shortly. Hopefully we’ll see you soon.