Semi Privacy Khaki Vinyl in Maryland, MD


Hey folks, here we are over here in Hanover, Maryland. We’re looking at a khaki vinyl semi privacy fence. It’s about 200, 225 feet of fence. We used a 7/8ths-by-3 picket picot, 2X3 top rail. We offset the middle rail just a little bit as per the customer’s request. And we added some aluminum H-channel to the bottom rail. Turned out really nice. Customer is very pleased with it. They’re using this to contain their cats.

But anyway, we’ll walk in here in a few minutes. We’ll take some video from the inside. Hold on a sec. We’ll be right back.

Well, here we go. We’re viewing the fence from the inside. I’ll kind of walk you around the property here real quick and show you what we’ve done. It wraps the entire perimeter of the yard. I like the khaki colored vinyl fence because it kind of blends in with the background. It’s not as noticeable as a white vinyl fence. But both white and/or khaki or tan vinyl fencing make a nice backdrop for plantscaping as you can see here. Turned out really nice and it goes all the way around the property. Goes all the way over to the left. If you can see it, it might be a little bit hard to see. We’ll zoom in here a little bit. There’s an additional gate in the back so that the customers can get out of the fence with yard debris or whatever. Hang on a sec. We’ll go take a look at the right side of the house and we’ll be done.

OK, here we are. We are on the right side of the house. Carried the same style fence all the way through as you can see. We’re coming up here on another single walk gate. All the hinges that we use on our gates are stainless steel, painted black. We have a couple of different locking mechanism options. You’ve got a ring lock, of course you have this one here which can be padlocked from the inside, which is a lot of people like. We’ve added a gate brace to it to give the gate some structural support.

Hope you enjoyed, come back and check us out on the next video.