Ornamental Aluminum Fence by Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence Co.


Welcome back folks. We’re over here in Davidsonville. We’d like to show you this aluminum fence be completed with the automatic operators for the gates for the double estate gates. We’ll take a walk around the yard here and show you some different areas and different things that we have done. Job turned out absolutely incredible. Customer is very pleased with it. Hang on a second. We’ll be right back and show you some other parts of the property.

OK, here we are on the right side of the house. This particular fence was installed because the customer has a pool in the backyard. It’s 54 inch modified, black aluminum fencing. Notice the a round top accent gate that we put for the entrance way going to the rear of the yard. Like to do that because it adds a little bit of entrance, a wave feature and says kind of “welcome.”

So when you’re designing fencing that’s some of the things you want to think about — how can we dress up the entrance ways with gates, with custom posts, with various options, that are available that our estimators are more than happy to explain to you and show you what options that you do have.

We’re going to go walk around the left side of the house and take some more video over there and we’ll be right back.

OK, welcome back. One of the things I wanted to show you is that how well a black aluminum fence blends in with the background. It almost goes away so you don’t even hardly see it. There’s about a thousand linear feet of fence out here on this property and it’s just incredible. Really, really sets off the house, defines the property lines. Here’s another arched accent gate that we did going in the walkway down towards the pool area. Absolutely incredible. Black aluminum fencing is one of the lowest maintenance fences that you can buy. And like I said, it blends in with the background very, very well and it’s just an all around great fence. Hope you enjoyed, come back and watch some more videos.