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New Pressure Treated Wood Deck and Railings in Severna Park – Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence Co.


Well folks, here we are over in Severna Park, Maryland. We just removed an existing deck which was about 600 square feet. Rebuilt a brand new pressure treated deck on this house over in Severna Park.

We did the madwood 2X6 pressure treated decking parallel was the house. The railing is just a standard pressure treated railing. 2X6 bottom rail, 2X2 pickets, 4X4 posts. We actually made a flush drink rail across the whole entire top of it. Worked out really well.

It was a tough job site. Very small or limited working conditions because the deck was so close to the property line but it turned out really well.

We’ll go down below here in a few seconds and show you the vantage point from below, since you can get an idea of how the framing and everything came together. Hope you enjoyed. See you shortly.

OK, welcome back. Here we are in the same project over in Severna Park. We’re looking underneath of the deck now. I’m sitting on a concrete slab. We actually had to cut through the slab in order to get the footers in, which was not an easy task because we’re talking 6 or 8-inch thick, concrete slab. Jack hammer concrete saw, all that good stuff.

But the project turned out really well.

It’s one of these projects that was not an easy one to do because, like I said earlier, the working conditions, as you can see, it’s extremely tight back here, with the waterfront and the slopes and all that kind of stuff. But other than that, it turned out really well.

We’ve got drop-down beams throughout. Everything’s carriage-bolted. All the joists have joist hangers on them front and back. I mean, this thing is built to last.

But, anyway, check out our up-and-coming videos. We’re going to be doing a lot more of these. Hope you enjoyed. We’ll look forward to talking to you soon. Thank you.