Mt Vernan Picket Fence 2 – Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence Co.


Hey folks, I want to take a minute to show you this picket fence, vinyl picket fence we did. Notice that the fencing doesn’t have to encompass the whole entire perimeter of the property. This is just an accent piece that we built for this lady, just to kind of give her, to define the front yard, from the rear of the yard. It was a vinyl picket fence. We used a 7/8ths by 3 vinyl pickets. We call this fence the Mount Vernon 2, because it has a tighter space and gives you a little bit more privacy.

Turned out really nice. She used a little bit of gravel in the front to keep from having to weed-whack and the weeds growing up. But I thought it was just an interesting little project that I’d like for you to take a look at here. And we can do the same thing for you.

Give us a call. (410) 544-1987. Have a great day and we’ll look forward to talking to you soon.