Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence Co. Low Maintenance Deck


Hey folks, here we are over here in Laurel, Maryland and wanted to show you this low maintenance deck we completed over here. We used Azek Decking. We used the 6X6 post sleeves, and the reason we did that is because of the Azek cap board that we incorporated with the railing that matches the decking. Thought it was a great idea. In a second here, we’re going to walk up on the deck and show you the view from the top. So hang on and we’re going to be right back.

Here we are. We’re back. We’re just going to do a view around the perimeter of the deck. Notice how the hand rail cap really sets it off. It looks nice. This is about a 14X16 deck. It’s laid out very well. Customer has plenty of space to move around and put his grill. Got some love seats sitting here in the corner. So when you’re thinking about designing a deck, make sure that you kind of lay it out first, with an area maybe in the size of the deck that you want, maybe with a room in the house, to kind of see how it’s going to lay out, make sure all your furniture is going to fit.

Hope you enjoyed. We’ll see you on the next video.