Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence Co. Cedar Fence Square Lattice


Hey folks, if you want to see something absolutely beautiful. This fence that we did over here in Severna Park is done in western Red Cedar, three quarter inch cedar fence boards with square cedar lattice. It is absolutely gorgeous. Nice ad straight across the top. The line is straight as an arrow. Installers did a fantastic job. Kudos to them.

That’s one thing we are fortunate with. We have a lot of very, very good, talented, installers, really know what they’re doing. They’ve been trained very well. We have a production supervisor that actually rides around and checks on all the jobs sites to make sure that they are done exactly the way that Mid Atlantic expects these things to be done. There’s a certain ethics, a certain business requirement that we have that all of our crews have to meet, and that’s why we have a great reputation in the industry. And we intend to continue to keep it that way.

I just wanted to show you this project — square cedar lattice. We use the cedar pyramid post caps. We actually build this lattice ourself. It’s made from all the leftover material that we cannot use on a fence job. We bring it back, we gang rip it, and we make our own lattice ourselves. Absolutely none of our fence boards get thrown in the trash. They are reused and allocated for something else, to help save us money and build better products.

Come back soon. I’m going to do some more videos.