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Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence Co. 2000 Sqft. Deck Project


Hey folks, welcome back. Here we are over in Laurel, Maryland. This is going to be probably a little bit of an extended video because there’s so many aspects and angles to this job. It’s about 2000 square feet of low maintenance decking. We constructed a Cedar Pergola to provide a little bit of shade over the patio area. We use 6X6 pressure treated posts, wrapped them with SDK Western Red Cedar. We used a 2X8 western Red Cedar beam, 2X6 rafters with the dovetails on the end, and then we added a couple 2X2 pickets to the very top to help give it some structural integrity.

The deck was constructed basically with a flooring pattern. We call it picture framing. Because it was so long of a run, we had to break it up into a couple of different segments, as you can see here with the two different color decking. A lot of people are into that nowadays. It seems to be extremely popular.

We used a planter box and bench construction in lieu of railings because this deck was less than 30 inches off of grade. We were able to get away with the planter boxes and benches around the entire front perimeter of the deck. It’s a great idea. We do quite a bit of this type construction with the planter boxes. It’s a great way to add some color.

We actually made this one right here like a little tabletop. So when you’re sitting at the bench you can set your drink or whatever, what you were grilling on the grill. It turned out really nice. The customer is extremely pleased. We tore out an existing deck that was about 600 square feet and it was an old wooden deck. It had seen better days and we just designed this project. And it turned out really well.

Here, we did a little ramp that actually runs down to the lower level, runs into grade. It turned out extremely nice. The customer is extremely pleased with the project. And we are pleased with it ourself. Here’s another view of the Cedar Pergola. The customer since then has stained it. We like to use the western Red Cedar for these type of projects only because it doesn’t warp and crack and twist and split as bad as a pressure treated pine material does, and when you’re spanning this far, you really needed to have something that’s going to keep it stable, which the Cedar provides an excellent opportunity for that. We also make the same pergolas out of vinyl, which are really low maintenance.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed. And look forward to showing you the next video. Thank you.