Low Maintenance Deck and Porch Combo


Welcome back folks. Here we are over here in Severna, Maryland on a deck and screen porch combination. Screen porch has an open gable. We use the Screen Ease screen system, which you the ability to span large openings. It keeps the screen tighter, and just an all around better finished product.

The a lattice skirt keep all the little critters out from underneath the deck. We use a tight weave lattice, which is about a one and a quarter inch opening on the lattice. Turned out really nice. Couple of seconds here, we’ll take you on the inside, shoot a couple shots from the inside so you can see what we did in there. Hang tight.

Welcome back. I don’t know if you can hear the little dog, but we’ve got a barker in the house. Just knocked on the front door and the customer knows that we’re here so we should be good.

Anyway, we used the double-two vinyl soffit in the ceiling, put a couple of skylights in. Notice the customer has added a couple of ceiling fans. I like to do the open gable because it makes it a little bit more open and gives you a little more open, airy feeling. The drink rail matches the Fiberon decking. We also use a decorator balusters in this. The customer has done an extremely good job of decorating the porch.

Other than that, turned out really well. Thanks for viewing the video and we hope to come back and see more. Thank you.