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Low Maintenance Deck 8 vf


Welcome come back. We’re over here in Pasadena today. Taking a couple of videos of this beautiful deck that we had just completed over here. We used the steel railing with custom built Azek posts with the decorative cap rail to match the decking. Job turned out fantastic. We’re going to walk up the steps here real quick and take a look around and then got a surprise for you down below. But these railings are absolutely gorgeous. Seems to be the new thing, a lot of people are going with aluminum or steel railings, just because they look very elegant, easy to maintain, don’t require any painting, and just a nice overall look.

The decking is a Fiberon decking. Notice we put a couple of feature strips in to try to get rid of as many seams as we can and the customer has done a very, very nice job of decorating, adding some furniture, umbrellas. This project turned out really, really nice and in a few seconds here, we’re going to walk downstairs and we’re going to show you what we’ve done down below.

OK. Here we go. We’re now downstairs. They had an outdoor kitchen put in, which looks fabulous. One thing I wanted to show you is that we did a barrel front on this deck, which is kind of unique because it gets away from traditional rectangular or square shapes. Everything is wrapped. The beams are wrapped in Azek. Everything’s been sealed, painted. It just looks fabulous. We love it when customers like to go a little bit extra mile to really make a project nice.

I want to show you here too, it’s kind of hard to see from the video, but we did the beam, a fake beam around the sides and all the way across the back just so that we could give it that country porch style look. We closed the entire ceiling in with 1X6 tongue and groove western Red Cedar. They have lighting for ambiance. There’s a couple outlets here for ceiling fans, future ceiling fans. But the outdoor kitchen turned out fabulous.

The membrane that we used on the rafters before we put the decking down, it’s a product called Dri-Dek. It’s a rubber membrane that goes over top of the rafters prior to the installation of the deck. It gives you the ability to make the underside of your deck dry and really gives you the opportunity to expand your outdoor living space. We’ll step back here a little bit and we’ll take some video of the railing and the custom posts.

Overall, this project turned out fantastic. We’re really pleased with it. The homeowner is extremely happy. These are custom built jobs. So you can’t just come in here and just knock it out real quick. You have to have carpenters and guys on your staff that really know what they’re doing. This is not a simple, easy project to build, but when they’re done they are fabulous.

Hope you enjoyed. Come back to see the next video.